Confirm User Name & Reset Password

The following information outlines how to confirm your User Name and steps to reset your password.

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Your password and security question are tied to your user name, so confirming your user name is essential. If you were ever unsure as to whether or not you had created an ORBIT account, this step would advise you of your status. 

Step 1: Click “Forgot your User Name” on the ORBIT login screen 

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Step 2: Enter your personal information to confirm your identity, and allow ORBIT to look up your account email address. 

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Error Message? “Something went wrong. We were unable to find your ORBIT account.”

What does this mean? ORBIT was unable to find an account matching the information you entered. If you are confident that you have an ORBIT account and entered the correct information, call us at (919) 814-4590 to confirm our records are accurate as well.

If it is possible that you have not yet created an account, go back to the login screen and click the “Register” button. A step-by-step guide and how-to video are also available to help you through registration.

No Error Message?  “Information accepted”

Your user name will be emailed to you using the email address in your ORBIT account. The sender will be listed as Web Mail Interfaces. Retrieve the ORBIT email and confirm your user name. You will need it for the next step of the process.

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Email Address Incorrect?

If the email address displayed in the ORBIT User Name Recovery message has a typo or is no longer valid, call (919) 814-4590 to update your contact information.

Didn’t Receive the Email?

If you do not see our email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. If you have McAfee or Norton anti-virus software installed, check that folder as well.

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Tip: To try to prevent our emails from being blocked, you can add to your address book/contacts and whitelist our email address (create a filter that makes sure our emails don’t go to the Spam folder). The picture on the right is an example in Gmail.

Due to the personal nature of the information in your ORBIT account, we recommend using a password generator website to ensure the password you set is truly random and secure. 

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Step 3: Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

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Step 4: Enter your user name into the first screen.

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Step 5: Answer your security question. If you have trouble, call us at (919) 814-4590. If your answer to your security question is correct, an email will be sent to the email address on your account. This email, like the one from user name recovery, will be sent by “Web Mail Interfaces.”

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Step 6: Retrieve the six-digit security code sent by email or text message and enter it into the third screen.

Your email will look similar to the example below. If you have added us to your address book/contacts and whitelisted our email address and are still not receiving your Password Recovery email, call us at (919) 814-4590.

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After you have entered the code, click “Verify Security Code.”

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If you have already exited out of ORBIT, click the link below the six-digit code in the email. If you click the link, make sure you are using the same device (laptop, tablet, phone) and browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) that you used to request the password reset.

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Error Message?  “Sorry, there was a problem verifying the security code.”

What does this mean? The error usually indicates that the verifying process was interrupted. This often occurs with heavy traffic to the site. We suggest clicking “cancel” and attempting the process again at a later time.

No Error Message? “Security Code Accepted”

You should now be on the last screen of the Password Reset process.


Step 6: Create a new password

Our passwords requirements are:

  • A minimum of six characters
  • Must contain a lowercase letter
  • Must contain an uppercase letter
  • Must contain a number
  • Must contain a special character. Acceptable special characters: !, @, #, $, %, &, ‘, *. ? is not acceptable.

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Step 7: Use your confirmed user name and new password to log into ORBIT.

Once you click “Log in,” ORBIT will check the browser being used for a cookie. The cookie would have been deposited the last time you used ORBIT.

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If the system doesn’t find a cookie, the error message below will be displayed. Entering a valid security to activate your account, as the message states, is normally done after your account has been updated. In this case, the steps are reversed, but the outcome will be the same. We will be correcting this in the near future.

Click the button labeled “Resend Confirmation Email.”

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Like the “Forgot your Password” process, you will need to retrieve the six-digit security code from the Account Activation email or text message sent to you and enter it into ORBIT.

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Log into ORBIT again to reach the Account update screen.


Step 8: Update your account

As a part of our upgraded security, members must set up three new security questions and answers. The page requesting this action should now be displayed. In addition to the questions, you will be asked to update and confirm your email address. Review the tips for this screen on the next page.

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Make sure you are the only person using your email address. Many members have had difficulty receiving ORBIT emails when using an employer-provided address due to agency/school email filters. You must use use a personal email address. Using a personal email address will allow you to move from one government employer to another without having to worry about updating your email address with us each time.

SMS Text Messaging

Add your mobile phone number to your ORBIT account so you can be verified through a security code sent to your mobile phone.

Security Questions

  • Make sure to use each answer only once. If “Westeros” is the answer to the first question, it cannot be the answer to the second or third question.
  • Make sure there are no spaces before an answer. If a security answer has more than one word, be aware that the spaces will be included as part of your answer.

Once you submit your updated information, if you were not asked to retrieve and enter a security code after logging in, ORBIT will request that you do it at this time.


Step 9: Activate your account

If you were not required to enter a security code after you logged in, you will be asked to do so now. Retrieve the six-digit security code from the email you received, for Account Activation, into ORBIT. Once the code has been accepted, your account has fully updated.


Step 10: Log into ORBIT and view your account!