Refunds Online Document Requirements

 Upload: You will need to upload requested documents in the correct order to move forward in the application. Documents must be in .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .bitmap, .pdf, .png. If you select Upload, you will be required to upload all current and future requested documentation.

If you do not see the uploaded document in the document list on the screen in your account, try uploading the document again. If you are still unsuccessful, try another accepted file type. If you are unable to upload your document(s), scroll up and select 'I want to FAX/MAIL the documents requested.' 

Fax/Mail: If you select the fax/mail option, you will not be able to upload your required documents. If you choose to fax your documents to the Retirement Systems Division, please fax them to (919) 855-5800. If you know your member ID number, please write it at the top of each page faxed, if possible. You can find your member ID by logging in to ORBIT. After successfully logging in, click on “Maintain Personal Information” to see your member ID number (listed in the top section of this page).