ORBIT Agency Contributions Terms and Definitions

“Turn Around Documents” have been renamed “Agency Contributions” to more accurately reflect the new process Fire & Rescue Departments will be using. The terms below are associated with that new process in ORBIT Employer Reporting.

Generate date (Agency Contributions Summary screen): The date that you first access the Agency Contributions Summary screen.

Contrib Status: Status of the report (status will be one of the following):

  • Create – Agency Contributions report has been created
  • Submit – Agency Contributions report has been submitted
  • Balance – Agency Contributions have been received and are currently being processed by a Retirement Systems Division analyst
  • Post – Agency Contributions have been processed and credited to the members' accounts

Record Count: The total number of members that you entered contributions for on the report

Submit Date: The date you submit the report 

Report Date (on individual reports): The date that you created the Agency Contributions report

Contributions to Date: Total regular contributions submitted to date (does not include contributions from service purchases--see Paid Service definition)

Balance Not Applied: Remaining contributions not associated with service. These contributions will be applied to the current year or later once accompanied by roster service—see Roster Service

Roster Service: The total number of years since enrolling in the Pension Fund for which the member was reported on rosters from the NCSFA and/or NCAREMS as having obtained at least 36 hours of training per calendar year (includes prior service purchased)

Paid Service: The total number of years of service credited from contributions for each member (includes purchased service)

Member Status: Will be one of the following:

  • Contributing (Contrib) is a member who is actively contributing to the Firefighters' and Rescue Squad Workers' Pension Fund.
  • Non-contributing (NonContrib) is a member who has not contributed to the Firefighters' and Rescue Squad Workers' Pension Fund during the last 24 months.

Date Member Joined Agency: The date the member joined this department/agency

Enrollment Date: The date the member enrolled in the Firefighters' and Rescue Squad Workers' Pension Fund