Printing Options

Near the end of Step 2 of your online application, you will see a link to print your Online Retirement Benefit Election document. This document is a .pdf document that will need to be printed and signed before a notary. If you do not have access to a printer when you initially complete Step 2, you have a few options:

  • Log out of your online application, and come back at a later time. As you move through your online application, the system saves your progress. So you're welcome to come back to the online application at a later time to print your Online Retirement Benefit Election document.
  • Save the .pdf Online Retirement Benefit Election to take to another computer with access to a printer. You can save the .pdf document to a flash drive, upload it to a cloud-based storage application or even email the document to yourself to access from another computer. Most public libraries offer computer and printer options, or you can work with your employer to get a copy printed.

You will also be required to provide copies of certain documents depending on the selections you make in your application. Copies of these documents can be submitted by uploading or by faxing or mailing the documents to the Retirement Systems Division. If you chose to upload, you can submit the copies in several different formats:

  • Files can be .jpg, .tiff or .gif format. That means you can take pictures of your required documents and upload those picture files from your phone. Just make sure that there is adequate lighting and that the pictures aren't blurry.
  • Files can also be .pdf which means you can scan them, and upload a .pdf version of your documents.