Types of Service That May Be Purchased

For detailed information about the eligibility requirements for purchasing creditable service, please see the applicable purchase form found in the forms section of ORBIT. If you log into your ORBIT account, the system will automatically fill in your name and basic information.

  • Withdrawn State or Local Governmental
  • Active military (initial period of active duty only)
  • Full time Out-of-state governmental service
  • Temporary Local and State Service
  • Part-time Local and State Service
  • Educational leave
  • Service with the Federal Government
  • Probationary or Waiting Period Service
  • Omitted State or Local Governmental Service
  • Parental Leave
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Prior Local Service
  • Extended Illness of Member
  • Charter School Employment
  • Withdrawn Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Service

Note: Not all types of purchases are available in each system.