Benefit Payments

Your first retirement benefit check will always be a paper check. By cashing or depositing that check, you are locking in your retirement selections. If you do not cash or deposit that first check right away, you have until the next benefit payment day to change your mind about your selection. After that time, your retirement selection will be locked in, even if you don't cash that first check. For a list of benefit payment dates, click here.

Benefit payment pay stubs are only available in ORBIT. To access your recent pay stub and/or to see a history of your payments, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to ORBIT
  2. Click on “View Payment History”
  3. Click on the >[year] you wish to view the payment history (example: >2018)
  4. Click on "View" for the statement you want to see
  5. You should be able to print a statement by choosing print from your browser window 

Benefit Payment Dates

Benefit payments are typically mailed/deposited on the 25th of each month unless that day falls on a weekend or state holiday. In those situations, payments are sent the Friday before. For a full list of benefit payment dates, click here.​

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is available for your retirement benefit payments. There are several advantages to using direct deposit:

  • Security. Your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft are reduced since your Social Security and member ID numbers on your pay stub will not be mailed.
  • Convenience. You do not have to go to your bank or financial institution to deposit your check. On "payday" your money is deposited automatically.
  • Peace of Mind. You do not have to worry about mail delays, receiving your retirement payment on time or having your check lost or stolen.
  • Freedom. You know your payment will be automatically deposited to your account, whether you are on vacation, traveling or ill.
  • Money Making. Your money gets in your account about one to 10 days before a paper check would, so it's able to go to work for you that much earlier.
  • Time Savings. You will have even more time to do the things you enjoy since you do not have to make a special trip to deposit your check.

If you are completing an online retirement application, you will be prompted to provide direct deposit information. By using the online retirement application, you will be agreeing to receive your monthly benefit payments through direct deposit. If you are completing a paper application, be sure to also complete a Form 170 to set up direct deposit.

If you ever change banks and need to update your direct deposit information, log in to ORBIT to update your banking information; otherwise, if you complete a paper Form 170 you have to have it notarized.