Important Reminders


​You must be within 120 days of your retirement date and eligible to apply for retirement. To see if you are eligible to retire, visit the Retirement Benefit Estimator.


​If you are submitting a retirement application on behalf of someone else, you will be required to submit a valid Power of Attorney or Guardianship document at the end of this process. Learn more


Click here to learn about the types of documents you may need as you apply for retirement online.


You will need to be able to print documents as part of this online retirement process. If you do not have a printer connected, please view printing options for additional ways to print documents.


If you have any questions as you move through the process, please feel free to contact us at (919) 814-4590 or


Members with a retirement date on or before Dec. 1, 2023
Your first retirement benefit check will be a paper check. By cashing or depositing that check, you are locking in your retirement selections. If you do not cash or deposit that first check right away, you have until the next benefit payment day to change your mind about your selection. After that time, your retirement selection will be locked in, even if you don't cash that first check. 

Members with a retirement date on or after Jan. 1, 2024
Your first retirement benefit payment will be made by direct deposit. Instructions must be received and acknowledged by the Retirement Systems before your effective retirement date. Otherwise, a paper check will be mailed. Your retirement selection is locked in on the first regular payday or the first recorded payment date, whichever is later. 


This online retirement application is intended to assist you in applying for retirement benefits from the Teachers' and State Employees' and Local Governmental Employees' Retirement Systems. If you have multiple retirement accounts or want to apply for disability retirement benefits, contact the Retirement Systems Division for information.


If you participate in the NC 401(k) and/or NC 457, click here to learn about what you can do with your supplemental retirement account when you retire.